Over 10.000 parcel delivery companies in the World in one carrier network

Use the world-wide carrier network of repalog. Benefit from the strengths of all delivery services, whose services are precisely tailored to the needs of your customers in the respective target market. Optimize your process chain in terms of costs, speed and delivery options. Returning parcels is also a simple matter for you: we offer you the best returns solution for every parcel from a single source.

Easy, successful entry into all markets

With the connection to our platform, our shipping solutions and services are available to you for international growth. Access to local carriers guarantees easy market entry and successful shipping from day one. Your big advantage: you only have one contact person for all your shipping questions: repalog. In this way, you benefit from all the strengths and specializations of carriers and at the same time are extremely flexible when it comes to picking up or adjusting shipping quantities in your target markets. All this with minimal complexity in your daily processes.

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