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What types of service does NEOS provide?

NEOS provides a number of transport services to customers around the world. Please refer to our  Services page for more information.

Where can I find prices for your services?

Quotes can be obtained through our  online booking tool. Or  contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How long will it take to deliver my shipment to another country once it has been collected?

This depends on the service requested and the pick-up and delivery locations.

Do I need a NEOS account to send a package?

Yes, account is necessary. You can simply book online using one of the available online payment methods. For more frequent shipping, c ontact us if you need assistance choosing the right solution for your business.

How do I know my credit card information will be secure when sent over the Internet?

NEOS uses HTTPS – an internet standard communication protocol, which uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an industry-standard encryption technology to protect your credit or debit card information as it is transmitted over the Internet.

What if I don’t know the destination postcode?

If you don’t know the destination postcode, please check with the receiver or  contact us. Incorrect postcodes can cause transit delays and may incur unnecessary charges.

How do I change or cancel a booking request?

To change or cancel your booking, please  contact us.


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The online tool says my postcode is not valid. How do I make a booking?

NEOS online tools verify the postcode against the address entered. Please verify the postcode. If you are sure it is correct, you can input the required postcode manually. Please ensure all mandatory fields are completed accurately. Incorrect details may cause transit delays.

Which destinations does NEOS ship to?

Our Transit Times  provides information on all the destinations we can ship to from your location. When you book online  or use our shipping tools, we will verify whether we can ship to the required destination.

From which countries/territories can I import a shipment to my own country/territory?

Each country listed in our Transit Times table can export and import shipments.  Contact us for additional information, if required. The Express Import option in the online tool may be useful if you import shipments frequently.


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What are the maximum weight and size limits for a parcel?

Weight and size restrictions vary depending on the service and destination. Does your shipment exceed our standard limits? View our guide on  weight and size restrictions.

Exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit, the difference in cost will be requested and a possible additional service fee applied before the parcel’s journey can continue. View our guide to  calculating volumetric weight.

Why do I need to provide the weight and dimensions of my parcel?

Exact weight and dimensions are necessary to ensure speed of delivery. If this information is not accurate, your parcel may be delayed in transit, the difference in cost will be requested and a possible additional service fee applied before the parcel’s journey can continue. View our guide to  calculating volumetric weight.

Are there any items I cannot send through NEOS? What type of goods are prohibited?

NEOS provides a e-commerce and business-to-business package delivery service for business mail, documents and parcels. Certain dangerous goods and hazardous materials can be shipped under appropriate conditions. For more information feel free to  contact us.

Which goods are considered dangerous or hazardous Goods?

See Dangerous Goods  for a list of items that are restricted by legislation or regulations, which can only be shipped under appropriate conditions. For more information, feel free to  contact us.


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Before you ship

How do I prepare an international shipment?

Please refer to the Global compliance  section for more details on how to handle customs and find out more about export control. You can also visit the How to pack  section for tips about how to pack your goods in the most efficient way.


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What documents are needed to accompany my shipment?

All NEOS shipments must be accompanied by a consignment note  and package labels. All shipments that travel outside the European Union must also be accompanied by a commercial invoice. Both documents can be generated automatically when you  book online.

What is a commercial invoice?

Shipments that travel outside the European Union must be accompanied by a commercial invoice . Some items are considered documents and may not require a commercial invoice.

What is a consignment note?

consignment note  (also known as a bill of lading or airwaybill) is the central document accompanying your NEOS shipment. It provides all necessary information to ensure fast and professional handling of your shipment, such as origin and destination address, account number and other important data. A consignment note will be generated automatically when you book online.

Which consignment note do I need?

Domestic shipments require a national consignment note (bill of lading), while international shipments require a specific international consignment note. Shipments that require special handling may use a specialized consignment note, regardless of the final destination. The appropriate consignment note will be generated automatically when you  book online.

Do I still need to complete a consignment note if I am booking online or using a NEOS shipping tool?

No. When you book online , a consignment note will be generated for you.

Where can I order consignment notes and other supplies?

Please complete the  contact form with your request and we will get in touch.


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Will my parcel be opened for inspection by NEOS or carrier?

NEOS operates an ‘unknown shipper policy’ for first-time customers. All parcels may be subject to security screening. This may include the use of x-ray, explosive trace detection and other security screening methods. Please note that any shipment may be opened by government agencies (such as customs, border security, or police) while in the care of NEOS or carrier. NEOS has no control over these requests.

Is my consignment covered?

Our standard liability for any loss, damage are outlined within our  Terms and Conditions. Additional cover can also be purchased. Simply select the enhanced liability option when booking online or let customer service know when arranging your booking.


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After you ship – Tracking

Can you tell me when my shipment will be delivered?

To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your NEOS track number on the  Track and Trace page.

How can I arrange redelivery of a parcel?

If the driver has attempted delivery to your customer and left a card, you can use the  Re-delivery Service if possible.If the driver has not yet attempted delivery or has not have a re-delivery card, please click here to   contact us. Your enquiry must include the track number, delivery address and re-delivery date. Note: Orders can only be re-delivered between Monday and Friday.

Can I collect my shipment from your depot?

It depends on the carrier. If you have received a “we missed you” card from our driver, please use the Re-delivery Service to reschedule delivery or arrange to pick up your pracel from the depot.

How do I make a complaint?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Please  contact us to submit a Complaint form.


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Why did I receive two invoices for the same shipment?

When a shipment is sent duty-paid by the sender, charges for shipping and duties are split between two invoices.

How are prices calculated?

Prices are based on the weight, volume, service and destination of your shipment. Consignments may also attract  surcharges for additional services.

What is Online Billing?

Online Billing has two elements: eInvoicing and ePayment. eInvoicing allows you to view and download invoices and invoice data, while ePayment lets you pay invoices, raise disputes online and view account statements. Online Billing saves you time and money and is available at no extra charge. See  Online Billing for details.


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Making a claim

What should I do if my consignment is damaged?

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance. If your consignment has been damaged in transit, please  contact us to assess your claim.

If my item is damaged, who is entitled to make a claim?

The claimant must be the person who booked the shipment. To support your claim, you may be required to provide proof of the damage, including the external packaging. The contents of the consignment and the original packaging should be available for inspection at the delivery address. NEOS and/or carrier may also require proof of the value of the item(s). This information should be included with your claim.

What is the claims process?

After registering your claim, a link to an online Claims Form will be sent to you. Simply complete the online form fully with all the relevant information, detailing the consignment note number, date of dispatch and all supporting material including invoices, photographs and/or brochures or literature describing your goods. Please complete all your details, providing as much information as possible. Should we be missing any relevant information, we may contact you asking for more details. Our claims team will investigate and resolve your claim as quickly as possible. Our aim is to resolve your claim within three weeks of receiving your completed claim form.

Technical support

Are there any technical requirements for using NEOS website?

We aim to make the use of our website as easy as possible. You may require Adobe® Reader® to view some of our downloads such as the repalog User Guide.

Which browsers are supported?

Our websites are optimized for IE 8, Safari 6, Firefox 33, Chrome and all latest versions. The website provides a responsive design to ensure the best user experience on any type of devices such as smartphone or tablets.

Do I need a plugin to visit NEOS website?

You will not need to download any pluggins to access NEOS websites.

What are cookies?

Cookies store user-related information captured on your computer and retrieved the next time you visit our site by our web server. This way we can better adapt content to suit your needs and provide you with maximum ease of use. Of course, you have the opportunity at any time to refuse the use of cookies in your browser.


What are ‘INCO’ terms?

The ‘INCO’ terms, or International Commercial Terms, refer to different conditions under which a shipment is sent to the receiver. They not only govern exactly when the ownership of the goods changes and under what conditions, but who will pay for duties, taxes, transportation costs, etc. They are typically expressed as a three letter acronym based on a short description, such as FOB (Free On Board) and CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight).

Who is IATA?

The International Air Transport Association  (IATA) supports aviation with global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability.