Ship a parcel

Shipping can be a little complex. However, we have what it takes to make the whole process easy and hassle-free for our customers. We offer several kinds of parcel delivery services to meet the unique needs of our diverse customer base.

Clear customs

Customs in different countries can hamper the speed at which you need your parcels to be delivered. We’ll let you know what to expect in each unique case when shipping internationally. We’ll also show you how to reduce the time your parcel will take to be cleared by local customs.

Ship my product

We do not just ship, we also ensure they get to their destinations. Whatever goods you need to be shipped, we’ll ensure it gets to its destination in the shortest possible time.

How to

Understanding all it take for a successful shipping service

Ship safely

With our expert team, powered by enormous experience, we’ll guide you on how to ship different classes of goods and hazardous products while ensuring the safety of your goods and those handling them.

Understand pricing

We use a transparent pricing model. We understand that you’ll need to be informed about the cost of your shipments in order to make the right business decisions. We’ll show you how we calculate our shipping prices.

Understand surcharges

Mandatory extra costs could sometimes be added to your shipping cost. This could be due to a range of factors, including making out-of-area deliveries, shipping items that can’t be stacked and current fuel prices.

Pack your shipment

One of the most critical moves you can take to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time is taking time to package your goods carefully. There is a risk of damage to goods as they are in transit. Proper packaging will help to significantly ameliorate any chances of damages to your goods in transit.

Label your shipment

Labeling is essential in ensuring that shipments are treated how they should be and are also sent to the right destination.

Calculate size & weight

The price you’ll incur on your shipments is heavily dependent on the size and weight of the goods you need to ship. Properly gauge the weight of your goods and its dimension to determine its financial impact on your shipping cost

Verify your destination

Thanks to our vast network, we can ship your parcels to over 220 countries and territories. Find out information about your shipment’s destination and confirm whether there are any restrictions in place for your class of good.

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