Competitive advantage through data evaluation

Modern businesses thrive by utilizing even the least of available competitive advantage. Our BI analysis engine offers you an edge over your competitors. Using our BI engine, you can significantly optimize delivery times and overall service delivery experience for your customers. Our ready-to-use dashboards are designed to help you keep track of all relevant data from carriers to shipment information. You can use our solution for analysis of carrier performance or for comparison with similar service providers.

Optimized shipping processes with advanced analyses

Even though each supply chain is unique, we have ready-made analyses that every customer can build on. Our customers can take advantage of the extension feature, uniquely customize their dashboards, and create reports that suit their unique requirements. This gives you the medium to monitor the entire shipping process using a targeted approach. Our customers also have the option of receiving daily reports on several issues, effectively replacing an otherwise tedious manual analysis process. Shipments alerts are in place to inform you of any irregularities. This and several other tools are put in place to boost your reaction time within your own internal operations.

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