With our Analytics products, you can race above competitors and stand on top of the market. Our BI Engine is loaded with data to enable you operate speedily and have an optimum interactive analysis. Generate accurate data that are prompt and sufficient for organizational-based decisions by using customized dashboards. For instance, analyzing performance using transit time, and generating delivery rate by zip code. 

Immerse yourself in data-driven and intelligent logistics and use the possibilities of a transparent supply chain. Create your own dashboards and reports tailored to your specific challenges. Individualized monitoring and analysis of your shipping processes is thus possible.

As a rule, everything works as planned in logistics. Our system informs you exactly when irregularities occur in your processes. This means that you are informed of any problems before the customer even notices them. Define user-defined rules for automated reports in the event of unexpected events such as delays. Set up the export of shipping data to your existing BI solutions and extend your existing data to cohorts with delivery information. So you’re always in control of your shipping processes.

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