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Outstanding shipping knowledge is a dynamic strategy for expanding your business in the global market. Connect your company with our reliable delivery system to get top-notch and custom solutions for your pan-European delivery services and international shipping. We build customer experiences and customer satisfaction and promote your shipping service to a greater level by offering you our best services. Be a part of this great privilege now!

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Going global with your international e-commerce business often requires a dependable logistic solution. Solutions that are realistic and achievable.

At NEOS, we are experienced international parcel delivery. We will help you track your package throughout the shipment, and you are guaranteed to have only one point of contact for all final mile suppliers throughout Europe.

We are your independent partner in logistics, with our own distribution network & warehouses


Access to all major carriers in Europe via just one point of contact

Save money (and headaches)

We are known as the most flexible value for money expert in cross-border Final Mile shipping in Europe

Optimum sales
Maximum customer satisfaction
Higher retention rate.

Developing the right shipping approach is crucial to your business’s serviceable available market. Regardless of shipment destination, you can easily connect on our secured platform even with our pan-European carrier network, thus attaining high-standard customer service. Your sales strategy to expand globally has no boundary. Now that you have a primer, you can easily meet the country-specific needs of your customer, and thereby expand your sales.

Minimize your international shipping costs

More than 100 suppliers are available across Europe, and each of them works in a functional structure that focuses on a specific location and service. Through our dynamic platform, you will have full access to a wide range of local specialists. We feed your parcels directly into the local networks because we maintain a network of stores. We provide updates on the provider for each region and the services they offer. Weigh your parcels and reduce up to 55% of your shipping using the best carrier service.


With a well-developed interface, we carefully unite you with our robust platform in order to have unlimited access to over 100 last-mile carriers with well-tailored requirements suitable for your target market. We ensure fast delivery and adapt your business to fulfil customers’ needs and are approx 55% cheaper than the competition. Using this system, there will be an injection into the domestic distribution and parcel delivery network usage to save up to 35% in delivery time. Most importantly, this service offer is also applicable to your return packages.

The secret of success

Real value

To compete, we must strive to impact lives and sell without holding steadfast to a variety of so-called secrets doesn’t guarantee your long-term success in business. Absolutely, you’ll make some short-term progress, but, strides. Exponential growth may not be attained. It’s about staying on the straight and narrow

Encourage innovations

Sustained innovation originates from a combined and a collective sense of purpose; from unlocking your business’s potential and recognizing the unconventional opportunities to remain relevant in the ever-competitive market. The need for constant reinvention is a necessity in today’s business environment. A breakthrough product can shoot a company ahead of its competitors in this fast-paced technology.

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